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Empowerment & Equality for Indigenous People
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19 years of extensive and intensive knowledge in improving indigenous organizations. 

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Indigenous advisory services

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Project management


Strategic planning

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Our Approach

Effective Governance

Effective governance structures and strategy development, correct policy and operational guidance are critical to building sustainable momentum. We help organizations develop the strategies needed and the implementation guidance necessary for seamless integration at all levels.

Vision and Direction

Clarity of vision defines the reason why your organization exists and offers essential direction so focus in all activities can be maintained. We support organizations and relationship partners in developing a vision, supporting goals, important milestones and specific requirements.

Structures & Systems

Achieving a vision requires practical strategies and implementation guidance. We support organizations to define a clear plan on what’s next by connecting systems, processes and programs to the organization’s vision and goals. Team engagement is required for success and we facilitate development, communication and team buy in of plans and strategies. Ongoing executive and managerial coaching is offered as a way to deftly navigate obstacles and avoid any unforeseen road blocks.


“Gwen is a positive, rigorous practitioner with a breadth of applied experience in facilitation, strategic thinking and process development, Gwen tracks all of the pieces of a puzzle and finds careful and creative ways to bring them together to create a bigger and better picture of what’s possible for all communities and for all governments.”

Greg Kehm, Geographic Solutions


our clients

Conservation Northwest

Corfield & Associates

First Nations Fisheries Council

First Nations Health Authority

First Nations Technology Council

Lower Similkameen Indian Band

Okanagan Indian Band

Okanagan Nation Alliance

Osoyoos Indian Band

Sanchez Wood & Associates


University of Northern BC