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    19 years of extensive and intensive knowledge in improving indigenous organizations. 

    keys to constant progress

    Effective Government

    Effective governance structures and strategy development, correct policy and operational guidance are critical to building sustainable momentum. we help you to develop the strategies you need and the implementation guidance necessary for seamless integration at all levels. 

    Expertise areas include:

    Strategy development,

    Integration of traditional governance principles and practice into policy and relationship development, 

    Title and rights protection, 

    Organizational development

    Relationship development, 

    Negotiations and agreements,

    Executive and managerial training.

    Vision and Direction

    Your vision defines where you want to be, so much is possible that clarity on exactly where you going is essential in order that focus is maintained.  Clarity of vision defines the reason why your organization exists. 

    We will support your organization and relationship partners in developing your vision, goals, important milestones and specific requirements.

    Structure and Systems

    Achievement of your vision requires practical strategies and implementation guidance.  

    We connect your systems, processes and programs to your goals and vision to define a clear plan to get where you are going. 

    Team engagement is required for success.  We facilitate development, communication and team buy in of plans and strategies.

    Executive and managerial ongoing coaching results in you deftly navigating obstacles, not being stopped by road blocks!


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